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"An artist is not paid for his labor, but his vision."




In addition to marketing and graphic arts chops, I play multiple instruments and can be found regularly on-stage, either by myself, or with a bunch of great friends, playing music for the masses. 

John Palumbo - photo by Paris Visone Photography


I have been working in Marketing for the better part of 10 years, with 20+ years design experience. From small web changes, to logos, print work, CD insert designs, all the way to Senior Design positions, and now working at being the best Marketing & Creative Director I can be.


I am very fortunate that my career is spent doing something I truly love. 


Though not formally trained, my first design jobs, over 15 years ago, were under the tutelage of experienced designers who saw my innate ability, deep interest, and desire. They were really very kind to help me along the way, to what has become a very fulfilling career. I have them to thank for it.


• Advertising/Print Design

• Digital/Web Asset Design

• Promotional/Product Graphics

• Logo/Branding Design

• Simple Vector Art

• Video Editing

• Template Based HTML 5 Web Design

• Art/Creative Direction

* Social Media Imaging/Management

• Consulting

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